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From Our Family to Yours, Learn More about Bill's Crestmoor Automotive

Bill Probst has been working at this very auto repair shop since 1974, honing his skills and building up a strong customer base of Denver area drivers. In 2002, he and his wife, Chris, took over the business from Bill’s former employer, and continue to serve many of the same Denver families who have come to the shop for years. Bill has truly grown up with his customers, from generation to generation. In turn, many longtime customers know the Probsts’ two girls, and have watched them grow up as well.

Today, Bill has 43 years of auto repair experience—mostly hands-on in the shop—and he also attended Denver Automotive & Diesel College at the beginning of his career. As business owners for 15 years and counting, he and Chris pride themselves on quality auto repairs and great customer service, delivered with honesty and compassion. Bring your vehicles to Bill's Crestmoor Automotive, support small business, and become part of a strong automotive family in Denver.

About Bill's Crestmoor Automotive in Denver

“We love catching up with old customers and meeting new ones—at Bill’s, customer interaction is our thing!”

About Bill's Crestmoor Automotive in Denver

Meet Our Team

  • BillOwner/Founder/Shop Foreman

    I moved to Colorado from Illinois fresh out of high school as teenager. I came to Colorado to further my skills as a mechanic and attended Denver Automotive and Diesel College back in the day. I immediately fell in love with the Colorado mountains and have been here ever since. Man, how time flies! I enjoy reading (Chris says I have WAY too many books, but can you ever really have too many books?!?!), football and baseball (I might even be passionate about it!), the Colorado Rockies and the Denver Broncos (despite my love for the Broncos we somehow ended up with a daughter who is a Steelers fan), the outdoors, riding my Yamaha VStar 1100.

    I absolutely love being a dad to our 2 daughters Kirsten and Jordyn. Many of you have seen them grow from infants and may know them from the frequent appearances they have made while on school breaks.

    Many of our customers know me from when I worked for the previous owner for 25 years and have been with us that long. When the previous owner retired my options were to take over the business or go find another job. With over 40 years of experience being a mechanic is really the only thing I’ve ever known. Many of our customers have seen me grow into the man I am today and have become family. It is that family that keeps me going and I am forever grateful for the kindness and love they have given me.

  • ChrisOwner/ President

    Originally, I’m a Jersey girl. everyone always says at times they can still see the Jersey spunk come shining through! I’m unique! What can I say?!?! I have been in Colorado for about 26 years now and have come to call it home. While I do miss the ocean, the mountains amaze me. I enjoy sketching the Colorado scenery, painting the sky, and writing under the phenomenal star filled sky that I find so inspiring. Riding my Yamaha Vstar 1100, Swimming, and skiing are some of my favorite things to do! 

    My family (including my 4 legged kids and finned friends) are the light of my life. Many of you have met our awesome daughters Kirsten and Jordyn in the shop (where they have helped out on breaks), and some have watched them grow from infants into the beautiful young women they have become. 

    If you would have asked me 20 years ago if I ever thought I would be the partner in an automotive repair shop I would have laughed and said no way. My dad was a big rig mechanic growing up and the grease was just well… YUCK! After meeting Bill 23 years ago, we decided Bill’s Crestmoor Automotive needed to happen for 3 reasons: the customers Bill had come to know and love, the trade he had come to enjoy, and my passion to bring honesty and quality to the industry. I absolutely adore each and every one of our customers and consider them a part of my extended family.

  • JacqueGeneral Manager/Service Manager

    My small but beautiful family is my life! I spend most of my free time with my grandkids. I have a love for fast cars, top fuel and dragsters, going to car shows and riding on motorcycles. I have been working with the Bill’s Crestmoor Automotive family since September 2017, but worked for Bill and Chris about 15 years ago. I love chatting with our customers and getting to know them. I love my job and being able to help people! I look forward to seeing you and talking with you soon!

  • Weston Service Advisor
    WestonService Advisor

    Howdy! My name’s Weston. Born and raised in beautiful Conifer, Colorado. I grew up playing outside; hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and ice hockey just to name a few of my pastimes. Ha ha just kidding, I still have a lot of growing up to do. However, you can still find me playing outside most weekends. If I’m not playing or working, I’m spending precious time with my wonderful wife and our dog.

    Driving has always been associated with freedom for me, as there was no walking to the corner store or to your friend’s house in my hometown. As a result, I love everything about cars, which is how I got to Bill’s Crestmoor Automotive. The rest is history. Now it’s your turn, come on in and let me hear your history. Bring your car along and let us get to know it too!

  • Marc Lead Technician
    MarcLead Technician

    Hey, my name's Marc, and my favorite thing in the world is working on cars. Furthering my education, and being the best technician I can be is my number one goal in life, and learning never stops. Life isn't complete without learning something new every day. Other than turning wrenches, I have a passion for playing guitar and singing. I grew up in the woods in northern Florida, so being out in nature is one of my favorite places to be, second to being in the back of the shop. I live by one motto, never stop learning, and never give up! I strive for perfection on every car I lay my hands on, because nothing is better than making our customers smile!

  • Guillermo Technician

    My name is Guillermo. I came to Bill’s so that I could expand my professional skill set as an auto technician. Since meeting Bill and Chris they’ve treated me like family and helped me to become the mechanic that I am today. When I’m not working I can usually still be found at the shop tinkering with something or another. On the rare chance you find me outside of a garage I can usually be found in the mountains!

    I’m originally from West Virginia but fell in love with Denver as soon as I moved here. Being able to live in the city but take off into the mountains for some rock climbing or off-roading at a moment’s notice is my favorite part of being here. I enjoy finding novel solutions to difficult issues and find great joy in being able to spend my day pulling things apart and making them work again! I can’t wait to meet you and make you a part of our Bill’s Crestmoor family.