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How Do I Repair Brakes on My Car?

Driving a Car is a huge responsibility—literally. Part of that responsibility is making sure your brakes are in good working condition always. Paying attention to your brakes and knowing the red flags that indicate you need brake service keep you and others safe on the road. If you think something is wrong with your braking system, you may be wondering, “How do I repair brakes on my car?” Here are some pointers to get you started, and the next step is to call a reputable auto repair shop.

Understanding the Components of Your Auto Brake System

Air brakes are a good and safe way to stop large, heavy trucks, but the brakes must be well-maintained with routine brake service and used correctly to lessen the need for brake repair. The three braking systems comprising your car air brakes are the service brake system, the parking brake system, and the emergency brake system. Within these systems, air brake parts include the:

  • Air compressor
  • Air compressor governor
  • Air storage tanks
  • Air tank drains
  • Alcohol evaporator
  • Safety valve
  • Brake pedal

Foundation brakes are used at each wheel and contain brake drums, shoes, and linings. Vehicles with air brakes also have supply pressure gauges, an application pressure gauge, and a low air pressure warning signal. Any of these components can fail and make brake repair necessary for you to operate your truck safely.


Brake Failures & Fading Call for a Brake Inspection to Identify Necessary Brake Service

Brakes are designed so that brake shoes or pads rub against the brake drum or discs to slow your vehicle. Braking creates heat, and brakes can withstand a lot of heat. However, brakes can fade or fail from excessive heat caused by using them too much or not sticking to a routine brake service schedule. Brake fade is also affected by adjustment. To safely control a vehicle, every brake must do its share of the work. Brakes out of adjustment will stop doing their share before those that are in adjustment, and continued overuse may increase brake fade until a vehicle cannot be slowed down or stopped at all. Therefore, regular brake inspection is necessary to check adjustment and identify the need for necessary brake service and/or brake repair.

Trust us With Your Brake Repair Needs

When you need to make sure your brakes are up to task, our truck shop is ready to conduct a thorough brake inspection, and we’ll handle any brake repair you need, using only quality parts. You can also trust our mechanics to give you honest advice for brake service, so you can schedule time to take you truck off the road when it’s convenient for you. Give us a call today and stop worrying about you brakes.