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Timely Clutch Repair Is Key

A clutch is found in all cars with a manual transmission. When a car is on and moving, he clutch is being used. The clutch pedal is the pedal located to the brake pedal’s left. There are four major components of the clutch, so if you are sensing an issue with its operations it’s important to have a certified mechanic examine the system of operations promptly to not risk one damaged component hurting another component. 

Four Major Components of a Clutch

In attempting to understand the various possible clutch repairing that can take place, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the various parts and functionalities of a clutch. Typically, there are 4 parts that make up the clutch:

  • The Cover Plate which is bolted to the flywheel
  • The Pressure Plate
  • The Driven Plate (The Pressure Plate puts pressure on this. It runs in between the pressure plate and the flywheel)
  • The Release Bearing

Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair Indicators

The life span of a clutch has not set range because driving conditions influence and determine its longevity. Shifting gears more frequently will add more wear on your clutch so jobs that require a lot of stopping and going for example will potentially require clutch repair sooner than someone who has a straight 20-minute work commute every day. It is important to listen out and feel more possible indicators your car is in need for clutch repair. Indicators include:

  • A Loose Clutch
  • The clutch cable is stretched
  • Inconsistent transmitted force to pedal
  • Components misaligned
  • Audible changes when hitting clutch
  • Slower start to car
  • Resistance when hitting clutch

Price Points and Tips

Like any automotive repair, the key to safety and cost efficiency is maintenance. If you sense one of the indicators or any noticeable changes to your driving experience for the negative, it is in your best interest to schedule maintenance or an auto inspection with a certified mechanic. For clutch repair specifically, price of repair can range from a couple hundred to a couple thousand due to the various issues and various components that can call for repair. If only one component need repair, that will typically be less costly; however, if you continue to drive with a clutch that is giving resistance or not transmitting the amount of power it should be, a domino effect of damage can occur at which point cost for clutch repair will multiply.